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Superior fit, flexibility and comfort are the hall marks of every saddle

Our main saddle ranges are ‘Jaguar by Harry Dabbs’ and the ‘Harry Dabbs’ range.

These quality saddles offer the option for adjustment; we aim to always ensure the saddle is the perfect fit for both the horse and rider.

For more than 35 years H.W. Dabbs Saddlemakers have been known as one of the finest saddle and bridle makers in the world. The laminated wood springtree on which the saddles are constructed have been perfected throughout years of testing in real life situations.

Superior fit, flexibility and comfort are the hall marks of every saddle.

No matter whether the rider is only riding for pleasure or at the highest level of competition, the fit of the saddle for both is paramount and ensuring the rider is riding from the correct point of balance. By achieving this in the fitting of these brands of saddle or any other saddle for that matter, the rider and horse can potentially achieve maximum performance.

The option to have these saddles adjusted over time if required means that if the horse were to change dramatically in shape or the rider were to change the horse, the saddle to which the rider is accustomed, could be altered to fit either the change in shape of the existing horse or the new animal.

New saddles can be custom built to suit the horse, the rider and the discipline in which they are competing.

At Parkgate Saddlery, Mervyn has had the privilege of being trained personally by H.W. Dabbs and afforded a unique insight and understanding in the art of correct saddle fitting and procedure. This coupled with a lifetime involvement and understanding of the equine ensures every customer only the best and most accurate information relating to the saddle fit is disseminated.

This fitting policy and procedure is never altered for the expediency of a quick fit of a saddle to a horse and rider.

The horses profile and measurements at the point of fit (and in the case of custom fit saddles, the rider’s measurements) are kept on file by us.

Saddle fitting can be undertaken either at the rider’s stables, no matter the distance or at Parkgate Saddlery’s premises. (A small charge is made for call out to the customer’s stables.)

It is seldom that saddles will be sold directly from the website as we believe that the fit is vital to horse and rider.

To find out any more information regarding saddles and prices, please contact us by email or telephone and we would be willing to help.

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